Brother Sun, Sister Moon

I saw this movie in 1981, shortly before heading for South America. We were staying with friends in Lausanne, Switzerland, and it was slightly embarrassing, because I don't think I had ever been moved this much by watching a film before, with the sole exception, perhaps of Bambi at the age of five.

I had read our founder's reaction to his first viewing of the film various times, and some of the things he had written and received then came back to me very vividly during the film.

Amazingly enough, this movie hasn't lost its magic over the decades. While some flicks we enjoyed in the 80s can strike you as downright corny now, this movie is a classic, and it hasn't ever failed to move and inspire me since.

While not exactly trying to produce a totally historically correct documentary about St.Francis, in my belief, nobody else has managed to capture the true spirit of St.Francis in a movie ever since.

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